Winter Driving Tips

As you can tell, fall and the rainy season is upon us. So have a few tips on how to keep you and your car safe.

Pressure load is the first thing to look at. The pressure and the load for the tires recommended is listed on the door jamb of your car. To check tire pressure you can use a tire guage. You use the tire gauge by putting it right on where you put air in the tire and you leave it there until you don't hear any hissing anymore. 

It's true, there are tire tread gauges that auto tech places use, but just as a rule of thumb, they look for at least 3/32 of tire tread. A fun tip to check your tire tread is by taking a coin and using the top of Lincoln's head and the top of the coin as a reference since that is the correct distance. So, if you put your coin in here and you can see the top of Lincoln's head, it's definitely time for tires.

Next check your wipers and make sure they are working well. If you don't have new wipers and you just wanna get by, a lot of times what will happen is oil and grease from the road will build up on the wiper blades. The best way to keep your old ones working good until you decide to get new ones is by cleaning them off with isopropyl alcohol.. Just put a little alcohol on a rag and lift up your wiper, and you're gonna clean that wiper off. 

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