What to expect at an open house!

Did you know these 3 things about an Open Houses? ??

1) The Realtor who is hosting the open house is most likely not the Listing Agent. If an agent has 5 or more homes on the market at once it's very hard to hold an open for every listing they have. That's why they lean on their brokerage to have other experience agents host it for them. Don't be alarmed if you start asking the host a lot of detailed questions about the home and they don't know the answer. The best agents will get together with the actual listing agent to get as much information as possible so this scenario doesn't occur! 

2) Expect a busy Open House. There's no worse feeling when you think that no one else will be there, and you show up with 5 or more other families. Make sure that your realtor explains to you about which type of market you are in and have them prepare you for an open house and the possibility of there being 20 people looking at the home, or there could be 0. Don't be intimidated of the number of people that you come across at the open house; there is an ass for every saddle and not everyone that visits a house will want to make an offer!

3) Expect the Realtor to ask for your information before entering or leaving the Open House. Whether you are asked to "sign in" at the front door or if the host asks for your information towards the end, it's okay to leave just your name. If you want further information or would like to work with that realtor then make sure to leave your information and grab their card. But make sure to not lose it!

In this video we go into more detail to prepare you for your open house venture!

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