What Stays and What Goes During a House Sale

Ever wonder what items stay or what items go with the sellers❓

Here is what absolutely stays in the the home unless negotiated other wise:
✔ Cabinets
✔ Appliances
✔ Landscaping
✔ Anything that is fixed (bolted) to the walls or property.

Here is what goes with the seller unless negotiated other wise:
✔ Any and all furniture.
✔ Tvs and Electronics
✔ Anything specifically that the seller wants to keep.

Everything is negotiable in the sale of the house so don't be alarmed if the Seller wants to keep their appliances or they want to switch out a chandelier. If you truly want to keep certain items don't be afraid to ask for them..all the seller can say, is "no'.

What things go and what things stay, when there is the sale of the house? Today Jasmin is going to talk to you about for both buyers and sellers, what are the things that are going to stay in the house and what are the things that are going to go and how can you determine that.

Typically, if something is bolted or nailed down into the house, all of these things will actually stay with the house. A lot of things like TV mounts and stuff like that, now, that can be negotiable, but usually if something is bolted in, like insert in the kitchen, that people sit on, those things typically stay with the house.

Another big one is, a lot of buyers sometimes will think that all of the appliances will stay with the house, when in reality maybe the seller just bought that washer and dryer and they want to take that home with them, so the listing agent will typically put what appliances are going to stay and what appliances the seller is going to keep. Buyers, just make sure that you double-check that.

Other things that stay are anything that is built in or cemented into the ground, an example of this would be a basketball hoop. So, if a basketball hoop is cemented into the ground, not just one of the ones that stood on the driveway, that will stay with the house. Now, sellers, if that basketball hoop is meaningful to you, we would recommend taking it out prior to putting your house on the market and either leaving it like that or putting something else there, because the buyer will expect that to be there, when they move in.

Another one is lighting fixtures. So let's say a buyer walks into a house and they see this beautiful chandelier in the foyer and they love it and they fall in love with it, however for the seller that chandelier has been in your family for generations and you plan on keeping it when you move out, so if there's a sentimental light fixture, we actually would recommend you removing it prior to listing your home.

Another would be window coverings. So, for instance, things like custom blinds or custom curtain rods are all things that are actually going to stay with the house. Now, things like the actual curtains that are removable and that you can take off, these are definitely things that the seller would most likely take with them, but buyers and sellers, just know that if you did want to remove those curtain rods, if you love them and they go with the aesthetic of what you want, we would recommend replacing them or removing them prior to listing your home.

Hardware is another big one. These are things like your door knobs or the pull knobs in your kitchen, your cabinets, again, if a buyer had seen this really cool door knob and then after they buy it, they come in and they see a different door knob, that would be another thing that they would expect to be there with the house. So, if there are some knobs that are important to you, we would recommend you removing them or just know that they are going to be things that would stay with the house after the sale. Plants, trees and any kind of landscaping.

So, another scenario, buyer walks up to your house, falls in love with his beautiful rose bush that is in the front of the house. Now, we've seen that before, people fall in love with the landscaping and then they go to move in and the apple tree and the rosebush are gone. Little did they know, that rose bush has been loved by the seller for years and years, the seller loves that rosebush and wants to keep it and take it with them, that is something that they would need to put into the contract to know they want to take that with them.

The last one would be a spa or a swimming pool or a hot tub. Now, again, swimming pools that are cemented, of course, those are expected to stay, however, the standing swimming pools that, I know, a lot of us have here in the Pacific Northwest, those are known to go with you, because they are removable from the property. Things that are removable, if your hot tub is cemented into the ground, that would be considered to be staying with the property, unless, of course, you write it in the contract and negotiate that otherwise. 

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