What Should I Do To My Home Before I List It?

What I should do to my home before I list it? This is a question that we get very frequently from sellers. Maybe they're a year out from putting their home on the market, or maybe a couple weeks out from putting their home on the market, and today Jasmin wants to talk to you about a couple mistakes or some things that you should maybe avoid, and then some other things that you could do before you put your home on the market.

One of the most important things that we want to make sure of is that you're spending your money strategically. Your main focus is gonna be your ROI, or your return on investment, so what you're spending and what you're putting in to improve your property is actually going to get you a return on that investment when you go to sell.

One thing that we see people do sometimes is focus on an area that is important to them and spend money in that area. However, that might not be something that is important to buyers. Most importantly, it might not be something that's actually going to help improve your property and actually increase the value of your property.

One thing that your realtor is here for or we are here for is to help you understand what buyers out there are looking for. Most of us, we're talking to buyers every single day, so we have a really good idea of what is in the mind or in the eyes of a buyer and how we can help you when you're going to improve your home.

Things such as freshening up the paint in the house and the trim, replacing the carpets. Even the landscaping, freshening that up, all of those things can really go a long way. Decluttering is also a great way to freshen up and it is virtually free.

The big part here is that we don't want you to go out and spend a bunch of money on your home maybe in areas where it's not needed prior to talking to your realtor, so please call your realtor or call us. It's an absolutely free service for you to have us come out there and give you some direction maybe on some things that you can improve. Whether you're a year out or six months out or a month out from putting your home on the market, this can really be helpful.

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