Tiny House

So today Aldo and Jasmin are meeting with Jonathan Hanson. Jonathan and his wife just recently built a tiny home. They went to look to find out if you could actually live in it.

The tiny home is 24 feet long and it's 224 square feet, which seems so small. It's the size of someone's room, so you really question how comfortably you can live in something like that.

Jonathan says that a lot of people express that they don't know if they could live in a tiny house because they're really small but after they see it, they're like man, I could really live here, it's nice.

This house has lots of cool features. It has a farm sink that is the actual size of sink you'd find in a regular size home.Then they have a butcher block cabinet and an almost full-sized fridge. The fridge is electrically run which is cool and the house runs on 110-watt power and then propane gas for the stove which works. 

In the bathroom, there is a toilet and a sink and there is actually a lot of storage. And the shower is custom built which is pretty cool. 

Upstairs is the Master bedroom. When you want to go upstairs and it's dark at night, they use a remote that turns the lights on and off. There is a full queen size bed and there's still room for stuff upstairs. There's lots of space and there are four windows up there that bring in lots of natural light.

It looks small, but it lives big. Natural light, you have all the utilities you need. Pop it on somewhere and this could be a really cool little place to live. You definitely could live in this tiny home. 

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