The #1 Mistake Home Buyers Make

The number one mistake seen day in and day out is home buyers missing a buyers consultation. Yes, you can be pre-approved and find a house that you want, but the very key step is sitting down with myself and going through the process of actually buying a home. So why does skipping this process, why can it be problematic?


Well, there's three different things. One, you may not be pre-approved, and number two, you don't know the actual process and you just haven't discovered enough homes, possibly, out there that may be a right fit for you or may not be a good fit for you.

So, what actually happens in this buyer’s consultation? Well, it's going to be a large investment of my time into you guys so I can figure out exactly what you're looking for, the timeline you're trying to be in your home with, and most importantly, going through the process and giving you expectations and a process so you know what to look for and what to do when you're actually buying a house.

Sometimes you are pre-approved and you've got everything ready to go and you see a house, we go take a look at it, we make an offer, and the next thing you know, you're being thrown in the fire and your realtors are trying to give you information here and there and it's pretty much just like herding cats, and that’s not how the process should be. Realtors want to make sure when you do find that home, you're prepared to make an offer, you're prepared to do what you need to do in an inspection and sit down with you. They want to make sure that this home-buying process is as easy and smooth as possible because home-buying can be stressful, or it can be a really great experience.

So, remember guys, we want to build and create a very unique game plan for you because you are different than anybody else that who's buying a house. We want to figure out how we can tailor our strategies to you in owning a home, whether that's tomorrow, six months from now, or two years from now. So please, don't skip the buyer’s consultation. It's very, very important. 

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