Snowmageddon 2019

Snow is quite the event when it hits Whatcom County, whether it melts in a few hours or if it shuts down the city for days!

Here is a little History of our past winters:

February 2019: One for the record books as the coldest Febrarury in 70 years for Whatcom County and upwards of 10+ inches of snow in some locations! 

Winter 1996-1997 : The year before Aldo moved to Bellingham, there was up to three feet of snow with drifts up to 10 feet high!

Winter 1990-1991: Six major storms with two floods and two heavy snowstorms that battered the county for over two weeks and damaged reached $30 million.

February 1989: A brutal storm brought in wind gusts up to 104 mph with a wind chill factor estimated at 50-70 degrees below zero.

March 1951: A random and freak snowstorm dumped 23 inches in just four days.

As you can see, Whatcom County doesn't get snow every year but when it does come down it'll put our community on hold for several days.

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