Prepping For Spring

So you've decided to list your home come the springtime, but what should you be doing right now through the winter months to get it prepped and ready? Here's a few simple tricks:

#1 is cleaning out your gutters. Maybe at the end of February, early March, go ahead and hire somebody or just do it yourself, the last thing and the most annoying thing that most sellers get from an inspection report is, "Oh, can you clean out the gutters." Just get rid of it, just take care of it now, we know it can be a nuisance but it's easy to get it done with and just do it now.

#2 is taking care of your roof, make sure it's cleared of all the moss. We live in the Northwest, and right now we're low in sunlight, so either one side or the whole entire roof, depending where you live, probably has some, or your roof is covered all in moss. There's a certain substance in powder that you can get to pour actually on the crown of your roof, and now because it's raining, once it rains, that substance will start trickling down the roof and actually start getting rid of all, if not most, moss that you have on your roof. It's a good simple trick. Now do not whatsoever power wash your roof, power washers can disintegrate a lot of the particles that are in the shingles and actually give you less lifetime on the roof. So we do not suggest doing that, we really would caution you to hiring a professional and to just even do it themselves, just get that substance, get cleared of all the moss and that's just going to take of the roof come the springtime, it's going to make it look nice and good, and viable for the next homeowner.

#3 guys, it could be simple right now, you can take of anything you need do inside your home, so whether that's painting, some small remodels, flooring, whatever you can do inside while you're dry, go ahead and do that. Now right now you can get a contractor, most likely they'll be able to fit you in to do some work quicker than if you were in the spring or summertime because we all know contractors is crazy, light comes out, everybody wants to do some sort of work on their house.

So right now, take advantage of the slow season, even for the contractors, so paint it yourself, go ahead and do a small kitchen remodel, or a small bathroom remodel, whatever you need to do to fix inside your home. Now I would wait for carpets maybe a little longer, maybe late February, early March, kind of get rid of all the rain because you don't want to come in and start ruining your carpet before you actually put it on the market.

So those are just some simple tips of what you can do right now. Again, it's cold, it's wet, you don't want to do that, but the biggest advantage of doing this simple tricks and tips is being prepared and beating out the competition. Wouldn't you rather have your house come March 1st, be ready to be listed rather than two weeks before and trying to get everything done, and now the contractors are busy and you're trying to rush and then everything just doesn't look good and your house doesn't look presented. 

We encourage you to do everything now and you guys will reap the rewards because you guys will be able to have the pick of the litter. Come springtime you guys will be able to list your home and the people out there looking for houses they're going to jump on yours before any others. 

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