More Money If You Sell In The Spring? False...

Everybody thinks that selling in the Spring is actually going to net you more money. And people say, oh you can always get more on the spring or the summer. Well, yeah, that's true but if you wanna sell your house right now, you actually gonna get more for your house than if you did if you sold it in the spring of this year 2019.

You can always get more money four months from now or six months from now. So the way our market is going right now, homes are still appreciating in about four or 5%. But yeah, in the spring time when you sell it, you will get more money, but then if you wait until next September, guess what? You actually gonna get more money then, than you did if you listed it in the spring time. So it's kind of this revolving door, yes you can always get more money in this market that we have right now.

If things change then the spring time may not be a better time, or it can be. But don't use the excuse of, hey I wanna list for the spring because I'm gonna get more money. Well, if the market continues to go the way it is, the next two years, well guess what, don't even sell your house and wait for two more years.

If it's the right time for you to sell, and it is just way too busy for you right now, then don't sell but, don't have this idea that you're gonna get more in the spring because then you can get more in the fall because homes are appreciating a good half percent, maybe 1% per month.

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