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Jasmin and aldo are engaged so right now Jasmin's full name is Jasmin Rose Warden, but that will probably be changing assuming her last will change when Jasmin and Aldo get married. Today we're going to find out a little bit more about Jasmin and what makes her tick.

Jasmins favorite flowers are Jasmines and Roses hence her name but for some reason Aldo just did not know the answer lol. 

Jasmin was born on March 29th meaning she is an Aries. Jasmins dad is big into Zodiac signs and once told her that she needed to find a Sagittarius because that is her 100% perfect match. She didnt go looking for one but it so happens that Aldo is a Saggitarius and she thinks that is why he is so perfect for her. <3 jasmin="" will="" be="" 27="" in="" march="" this="" year="" p="">

Jasmin has alot of things that she loves to do in Real Estate but we asked her to narrow down a few things. She said she loves showing houses and she also loves when it's almost closing time for people and there excitement in the air and there's nervousness for the client usually, but it's exciting for her because she know what's next because she remembers those same feelings as a homeowner of being nervous but excited and then once it's all done there's this big breath of like, , okay it's over with and she just loves being with people during that process, its fun.

What frustrates Jasmin about Real Estate is when people dont get the house they want because she feeds off her clients and so when there's a disappointment for them, it's a disappointment for her even though she has to be the positive voice during it, it's still one of her least favorite things.

Jasmin works out in her spare time at Apex. She loves it there because they have a good community and they push her a lot as far as the people she works out with and the coaches there that just make her feel like a superhuman. If you've ever seen Jasmine workout, she's a bada**, she's steal, she's Wonder Woman, she's so good, she's fit, she's strong, she doesn't know how strong she really is, I worked out with her a lot at our old CrossFit gym and she kicked Aldo's butt. And for her being so new at that time a couple of years and lifting weights, she came in and just rocked it.

Jasmin loves her family. Jasmin has the sweetest nieces and nephews, some of them don't live here, some of them do live here. She has six total, she has two nephews and four nieces, all ranging from the ages of 10, almost 11, to two. And they are her whole world, she will do anything for them. She has nieces and nephews, her sisters, one sister lives an hour away, and then another sister lives 10 minutes away, so they're very close. Her brother lives two minutes away from them. So she is very very close with her family, she loves them all, they're all her best friends and her nieces and nephews, they're like her children even though they're not, but she loves them like if they were her own children, that's what she feels. And her mom, her dad, everyone's really close.

Jasmines favorite color is pink. Favorite food is Fajitas. Favorite dessert is 

cookies or froyo. Favorite Movie is Bohemian Rhapsody. Favorite artist is Taylor Swift. Favorite car is a Range Rover Sport, white with black rims  or just all black.

Okay so that is some good stuff to know, a little bit more in depth about Jasmin. Lastly we wanted to know Jasmin's goals for the new year. Jasmin's goals are to keep crushing the gym and get her nutrition on point because of the wedding this year, for those who don't know, Jasmin and Aldo are getting married in September 2020! So they are really dialing that in and then planning the wedding, that's a huge thing. Professionally, she just wans to be able to help more families achieve their goals, whether it's buying or selling, it is always good to add more and help more people, so I think that is to see how many families we can help this year.

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