Listing Your Home During The Holidays

What better time to list your home than during the holidays? Buying a house is such an emotional decision, that what better time than during the holidays? Right now, you'll have Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, whatever you celebrate.  And what better way than have the lights outside, nice and bright. Your Christmas tree up, the smell, the decorations in your house, it really captures all the emotions in a lot of the people who are coming into your house to actually buy your home.

Now, we get it, You don't wanna move during the holidays, Christmas, whatever. Well, you don't have to. If you list your home between now and before Christmas, well, you'll be able to close after the new year. You spend the whole holidays with your family, with your friends, whoever you go and celebrate the holidays with. So, you don't have to be moving and packing during the holidays if you don't want to. But, right now it's such a great time. There's so many great things about the holiday season. Maybe if we get some early snow, that's also an emotional effect that you will portray onto the future homeowners. And it's such a great time.

There's less inventories out there, you're gonna have a lot more buyers that are gonna be serious. If someones coming through your home and it's two weeks before Christmas and they're looking at your house and somebody's looking at it with the realtor, they're pretty serious. So, we highly recommend listing your house between now and Christmas because things are gonna be so great. Your house will just look really good if you decorate it the right way.

So please, guys, don't disregard the holidays. It's such a great time. 

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