Help YOUR Realtor Help You

How can you, as a homeowner, actually help your agent to help you better? The first thing you as a home owner can do to help your agent help you better is to let them know your timeline. They need to know when you would like your house to be sold, when you would like to be moved out, that way, they can work with you to figure out when it needs to go on the market, and then everything that we need to do before it goes on the market, as far as, if they need cleaners, or they need landscapers. And then photographers, all to get marketing done, so the day your house goes on the market, they are prepared.

The second part is letting them know things about your neighborhood. One of the most important ones is, are you in an HOA? What does that HOA look like? Can we contact your HOA manager? There's transfer fees, all that stuff included. So, all those little details are super critical and really beneficial for your agent.

The third one is to declutter. That is to sweep your house, get rid of all the extra things, put 'em away, and then also how to store that clutter, right? So, finding bins to put them in, labeling them, putting them away, so that already kind of puts you in a position so when photographers, or stagers, or cleaners come in, that's already done, and that's already taken care of. 

Your realtor will most likely help you if you need help as far as the decluttering stage, or giving you suggestions on what to put away, all in all, less is more. So, these are just three simple tips that can help you, help your realtor, help you. 

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