Discover Bellingham WA: The 5 Best Neighborhoods to Call Home | 2023 Moving Guide

Discover Bellingham WA: The 5 Best Neighborhoods to Call Home | 2023 Moving Guide

Bellingham, Washington, is a city known for its natural beauty, friendly community, and vibrant neighborhoods. In this blog post, we'll delve into five great neighborhoods that have captured the hearts of residents and visitors alike. Each neighborhood offers unique amenities and a distinct atmosphere, making it challenging to determine which one is the best. So, let's dive in and explore these wonderful neighborhoods in Bellingham.

Barkley Neighborhood: A Seattle-Inspired Haven
Located in the heart of Bellingham, the Barkley neighborhood exudes a charm reminiscent of Seattle. With a variety of amenities, Berkeley offers something for everyone. The Regal IMAX Cinema provides a fantastic movie-watching experience, while Scotty Browns and Bob's Burger and Brew offer great dining options. Craft beer enthusiasts can enjoy microbreweries like Overflow Taps, and Mexican cuisine lovers can savor the flavors of Jalepenos. Haggen's, the longstanding anchor store, caters to grocery needs. Additionally, Barkleu houses several business centers, including banks and medical offices. With its hilltop location, Barkley offers stunning views of the bay and downtown Bellingham. The average home price in Barkley is around $650,000, with some higher-end properties reaching over $1,000,000.

Silver Beach Neighborhood: Lakeside Living at Its Finest
Situated north of Lake Whatcom, the Silver Beach neighborhood offers an idyllic lakeside living experience. Residents can enjoy direct access to the lake, with some homes nestled right on its shores. A public beach area, complete with volleyball and basketball courts, offers recreational opportunities for all. Walking Falls Park, known for its picturesque trails and breathtaking waterfalls, is also nearby. The neighborhood boasts a range of housing options, from older homes with character to modern builds. With an average home price of approximately $995,000, Silver Beach offers a touch of luxury and tranquility.

Cordata Neighborhood: A Growing Hub of Convenience
The Cordata neighborhood, located in the northern part of Bellingham, has been experiencing significant development in recent years. Historically known for its retirement homes and medical facilities, Cordata has evolved to attract younger generations. The area features a range of housing, from traditional craftsman and bungalow-style homes to contemporary townhomes. Cordata offers excellent walkability, with private sidewalks and dedicated bike lanes. While it may currently lack major dining options, the addition of new establishments is expected in the coming years. With an average home price of approximately $530,000, Cordata provides a more affordable entry point into Bellingham's real estate market.

Columbia Neighborhood: A Quaint and Family-Friendly Haven
The Columbia neighborhood exudes a small-town vibe and is renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere. Characterized by flat streets and sidewalks, Columbia is perfect for walking and biking. Lorraine Ellis Park and Qualicum Park offer ample green spaces and playgrounds for children to enjoy. You'll find friendly neighbors and a close-knit community here, with kids playing in yards and neighbors helping one another. The area's older homes, ranging from the early 1900s to the 1950s, exude charm and character. The average home price in Columbia is around $750,000, reflecting the neighborhood's desirability and community spirit.

Fairhaven Neighborhood: A Historic Gem with Unmatched Walkability
Fairhaven, a neighborhood formerly known as its own town, is now a cherished part of Bellingham. Boasting unparalleled walkability, Fairhaven offers easy access to shops, cafes, restaurants, and picturesque waterfront views. The neighborhood is characterized by a mix of condos and a few houses, with many residents attracted to its vibrant atmosphere. The Fairhaven Village hosts events and activities, while the boardwalk and Boulevard Park provide scenic spots for leisurely strolls. With an average home price of approximately $650,000, Fairhaven offers a coveted blend of charm, history, and convenience.

Bellingham is a city filled with diverse and charming neighborhoods. Whether you're seeking lakeside living, urban amenities, family-friendly environments, or historic charm, Bellingham has something for everyone. The Barkley, Silver Beach, Cordata, Columbia, and Fairhaven neighborhoods represent just a fraction of the remarkable communities within this beautiful city. Exploring these neighborhoods will give you a taste of the unique experiences and lifestyles that Bellingham has to offer.

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