Buyers & Sellers: it's crucial to let your Realtor know what your ideal timeline looks like!

Today were talking about why it's crucial for you to let your realtor know about your timeline. We want to emphasize why it's so crucial about these timelines, and what do I mean by that? And that is, whether you are looking at selling your house or looking to buy a home, you need to let your realtor know when you wanna be moved in by, or when you need to sell by.

Now let's start with if you're trying to list your home and you need to sell. Well, you always need to reverse engineer. Right now, if you wanna be sold and be moved out, whether you're moving out of state or moving into a new school district, and let's say you wanna be out by the very first of June, well depending on your house, whether it's the price point, condition, or relatively, maybe what's going around in your life, we need to figure out when we need to actually have your home listed and, worst case scenario, when your house is gonna sell by, so when it does come to June 1st, we need to have your home sold by then.

There takes a good effort in the prepping of your home before it even goes on. We need to figure out whether your house needs repairs, whether you need to spruce it up a little bit, landscaping, decluttering. Are you busy, do you work 50, 60 hours a week? Is that something that's going to impact your efforts in getting your home ready, and any contractors that we may need to get in contact with to actually get your home right where it needs to be in order to sell. So your house may take a couple weeks, or it may take a couple months in order for it to get on the market, and depending once again on price point and condition, it may take your house two days to sell, or it may take your house maybe two months to sell, and whether that buyer actually loves your home and doesn't back out, well, from there it takes another 30 to 45 days to actually get your home sold, so relatively speaking, your house from start to finish, it may take three, four, five months to actually get it sold, so it's very crucial for you to be able to speak to your realtor and let him know exactly when you wanna be moved out.

For those of you who are thinking to buy, timelines are just as crucial. You may be renting, and you need to be out of your lease by June 1st, and maybe the property management isn't going to allow you to renew month to month. Maybe you need to sell your home, but you can actually afford to buy your other home, so you need to be out of there before the new owners take that over. Once again, you have to reverse engineer everything, and when it comes to buying, you have to have all your finances, everything ready to go, because when you do find that home, you will need to make an offer right away on it, because homes are still selling relatively fast, so when you're buying, you have to think of, okay, I have all my forms into the lender, okay, perfect, I know what my payment's gonna be. I know the area I wanna be in, I've looked at enough homes in this price point to know whether or not I need to actually, maybe, make my budget higher or if I'm okay with lowering or staying at your budget at where you're at.

So, it's very crucial when you're sitting down with your realtor to let 'em know, hey, I wanna be in, my goal is to buy by this date, or to sell by this date. That way you guys can go ahead and make sure to have a complete game plan on where and when you need to be by. 

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