Buyers Don't Pay Commission

Did you guys know, when you're buying a house you don’t pay for your realtor or any services that they provide for you throughout the whole transaction?

Now the seller pays both the listing agent and the buyer's agent, which means that you're not financially committed to the agent that's working for you. They're working for your best interests to get you from A to Z to get you in the house that you want in the location that you want, in the right amount of time that you guys are looking for.

There’s point for you, as a home buyer to go out there and not even have a real estate agent representing you because everything's being paid out by the seller and you have no financial commitment to your buyer's agent except for just committing to them to help you find your home and negotiate and find you the right house and really represent you and get you through this whole transaction and the whole process and especially if you're a first-time home buyer, it's a huge plus.

So remember if you're going to be out there and you're looking at for sale by owners or maybe your friend or friends of a friend maybe a family member is actually going to be selling you the home and there's not going to be a real estate agent involved, you should really look at finding somebody to represent you because unfortunately right now the seller regardless of what kind of relationship you have with them, they are looking out for the best interests of themselves and themselves only as listing their home to you.

Now you'll have a representation, we know a lot of us can be very naive and we can be trustworthy of other people but when it comes to buying a house you don't really know and you don't want to trust exactly what they're telling you about the history of the home. And if they have any assessment or they've done inspection you want to have the proper steps and the proper guidance from a real estate agent, to help you through that process.

So remember, when you're buying a house from your neighbor, from a family member whoever it is and there's a real estate involved, we highly encourage you to look for one so they can help you out through this whole process. 

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