About Aldo

So, who are we? As you may know, my name is Aldo. I pretty much grew up here in Bellingham. When I graduated high school I started selling shoes, didn't wanna sell shoes for the rest of my life so I went and sold cars. That was more money, just better. I loved cars and I loved the people, I wasn't passionate about actually selling cars. When Jasmine and I got together, her mom is a realtor actually and she's been a realtor for 15 plus years, she was one of many people that told me get into real estate, get into real estate. So I did it and three years later here I am. What really drives me and what I'm passionate in real estate is not only helping people find a house to make it their home, but, when they're really in the house afterwards, they get the keys and they hug me and there's so much joy that has come to their life is really what drives me to be a better realtor.

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