Did your house just come off the market? Did it expire, the contract went out, or did you just cancel it for whatever reason? We really want you guys to reach out to us and private message us right now on Facebook so we can show you not only how we can sell your house faster and for more money, but just make the process a lot simpler. We get it, there's probably a ton of realtors literally right now calling you, texting you, sending you messages, and they're telling you that they have buyers for your home. And well, we know that's not really the right way. If they did have buyers, they surely would have come and showed your house while your house was on the market.

Now there are two things that are actually not working for your house when it was on the market, and #1 is price. We've got to give you that reality check that your house may have been just priced too high, but also the #2, if your house was priced right, marketing. Marketing goes a long way, and the real estate market right now is not like it was two years ago. Homes are only appreciating three to 5% in some areas, and they're staying on now 40 to 45 days on the market, where it was around that 20 to 25 range two years ago. So and we're not seeing a lot of homes escalating 20 or $30,000 over asking price. So there's definitely a lot more strategic things that need to go into actually selling your house come 2020.

One of the misconceptions that people have is that you need to actually list your home in order to sell it, and that's not true. For Jasmin and I, we work with a lot of people looking at buying their houses. Right, I just turned 30. Jasmin's 26. A lot of our clientele are looking to buy homes, and we can set you up with some of our clients to help you actually sell your home and work with just one realtor, which can save you a lot of stress, a lot of time if you need to do it that way, if you don't want the stress or any if the nuisance when your house is on the market.

So we really encourage you guys, just reach out to us, private message us, call us, email us, whatever best way you feel most comfortable. We can come by. There's no pressure, there's no commitment. At least give us the opportunity to give you more clarity on why your house didn't sell. And most importantly, what we do to sell your home and how we can strategically sell your home and help you buy your home if that's the situation you're in. 

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